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Video is the most effective way to grab a reader’s attention and keep it.

And it just so happens that we are AWESOME at creating unique, high-converting videos

for driving traffic to your social media pages, landing pages, and website.




Video and Animation

Regardless of your source of website, Creative Edge Design Studio is well equipped at creating high quality, informative video and animation for websites, events and communications.


From the storyboard to the final cut, our in-house production team will guide you through the crafting process to deliver top notch solutions that will engage your viewers. Our video production services are corporate videos, product promotions, educational films, animation, motion graphics, social media content, documentaries and employee training videos.


Why video is important to market your business on social media

Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of video can never be underestimated. After all, vision is our dominant sense. If pictures can boost your audience engagement, imagine what moving pictures can do to your business.


Video Boosts conversions and sales: Landing pages incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as a landing page without video.


People Love Video! People are more likely to click videos on a page. They are also

shared 1200% more times than links and text combined.


Video Boosts Email Marketing: Emails that included a marketing or explainer video, see click-through rates increased by 200% to 300%.


Video Is a Must For SEO! A landing page with video is more likely to show up on page 1 of Google than a page without video.

We offer:

Whiteboard Animation

Kinetic Typography Video

2D Cartoon Animation

Graphic Animation

Video Production Services

Corporate and Industrial Video

Startup Video

After Effects Projects

Animated Banner Ads

Digital Billboards



Digital Holiday Cards

Anniversary Videos

Product or Event Promo Videos

Kickstarter Video Production

Design and Animation




Sound Design and Voiceover


We make videos that bring companies to life

With the advent of video marketing through giant sites like youtube, more people are opting for a video that will save them the energy of reading through the text on a website. We believe motion graphics is the future of video marketing and we advise you to join the trend as soon as possible.

You can drive more traffic to your blog, social media pages and websites with animated video.


More engagement. Bigger sales.

We design custom motion graphics that will help you reach new customers.

Professional motion design captures users’ attention and can mean 85% more conversions.



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